Thinking of re-upholstering?
This is a great way to keep a cherished piece while updating it with a great new colour, texture, or even a bold print. Our upholstery workrooms can add new foam and re-finish wood legs to help give your piece new life. A big trend that's in right now is to take traditionally styled furniture and re-upholster it with very bold fabrics. Don't be afraid of having bold accent chairs. Chairs and ottomans look great in patterns and add a sophisticated edge to your spaces.

Going custom?
Choosing custom allows you to find a piece that will perfectly fit into the scale of your room. Many companies have "condo sized” pieces that fit better into small rooms, or maybe you need an oversized sectional that you just can't find off the floor. In addition to getting the perfect fit size-wise, you can get the piece made into any fabric (or multiple fabrics) to create a look that will perfectly fit with your decorating style.